Christmas Eve Dinner

The “Ceppo”, or Yule Log, is an ancient Christmas Eve tradition in Tuscany. In times past, country families would choose the biggest and best log to burn on Christmas Eve as the family gathered round. The Yule Log was a symbol of strength and unity, and its shoots emblematic of the family.

This magical tradition is revived at Osteria del Borro, where a great log burns throughout Christmas Eve in the big, central fireplace that dominates and warms the entire room. We consider our guests part of the family to celebrate the holidays with, and Andrea Campani, executive chef of Osteria del Borro, has devised a special menu for the occasion.


Raw prawn, Vodka lemon granita, celery salad

Salmon marinated in citrus and dill


Fried rock fish, “cecina” chickpea flatbread, goat cheese mousse, olives and kale

First courses

Fish soup, garlic bread and seafood salad

Spaghetti with garlic, oil, red pepper flakes and fresh mantis shrimp

Main course

Salted grouper fish served with crisp salad and potatoes


Fresh fruit Cassata, pine nuts, sablé cookies and wild berry sauce

Water, Coffee and Wines included

€ 65,00 per person

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