“From Mantegna to Warhol”: Wine&Art Gallery re-opens

Opening on 26th October our new exhibition, “From Mantegna to Warhol – stories about Wine”, heralds the re-opening of the Wine & Art Gallery on the Il Borro Estate. The history of wine and the part it has played in our culture over the centuries, is portrayed in the work of important artists from Ferrucio Ferragamo’s private collection. The exhibition takes the visitor on a journey of discovery about wine, art and the history of Il Borro and its inhabitants and the stories of the Medici, Hohenlohe and Savoy families.

In this new exhibition, the story of wine is revealed in four stages through the eyes of artists like Mantegna, Durer, Rubens, Rembrandt, Goya and Manet and more recently Picasso and Warhol. Firstly we explore the mysteries of the ancient rites of Bacchus; second we observe wine’s connections with Christian traditions; third we investigate the domestic and terrestrial dimensions of the vine; and finally we plunge into an alcoholic abyss, the den of vice to which the abuse of wine inevitably leads.

The exhibition is situated above the Estate’s cellar, a first step on a voyage of discovery around our beautiful home.

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