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Vineyards and varieties

Territorial identity

Territorial identity
and variety

An ancient land

An ancient land
dedicated to wine making

Val d’Arno where Il Borro is situated has an ancient vocation which is that of making wines of excellence. The area is characterized by unique soil and climate conditions and this influences the structure and texture of the wines and places the emphasis on each single type of vine and its ability to adapt to the environment, thus ennobling the wine’s specific characteristics.

Vines and territorial connotation

The wines that are produced have a strong territorial connotation; this is the central theme of Il Borro’s winemaking philosophy. Each single variety is exalted in order to create wines that clearly reflect the geographic environment. Native vines, such as Sangiovese, are cultivated together with international vines such Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah in order to obtain the most sincere expression of the territory.

The soil

The vineyards are cultivated on a land that is geologically “marked” by the waters of the great lakes which in the Pliocene era covered the entire valley of Val d’Arno. The parent rock is sandstone or strong stone which forms the foundation of the soil which has a rich mix of skeletal soil and sandy-clay: this is the ideal soil for the needs of the vines.

Traditions and Sustainability

As of 2012, all chemical products were totally eliminated and vineyards started to be managed according to the principles of organic agriculture, with the inclusion of some biodynamic procedures aimed at increasing product sustainability. The goal of our sustainable organic philosophy is to create a closed company productive cycle and to favor biodiversity by creating complex ecosystems.
The Shop and the Wine Club

The Shop and the Wine Club

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