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The goal of the production is the achieve the utmost quality while respecting the land and its nature. This philosophy underlies the creation of wines with a strong territorial identity.
The process of Winemaking

The process of Winemaking

The grape harvest takes place between August and October. It is the most awaited event because it is the culmination of a year’s work in the vineyards. The harvest is done by hand in order to select the very best grape bunches and to avoid stressing the plant. The bunches of grapes are placed in 10 kilo boxes in order to avoid any compression of the berries. Following the harvest the grapes are placed in a 5° refrigerated cell where they are kept for the whole night. The following day the grapes are mechanically destemmed in order to separate the berries from the stems. The berries are selected with an optic selector, adjusted according to the criteria chosen by the enologist who selects only berries that meet the standards of quality. Then, the various processes of winemaking begin according to the type of grape and the vineyard.
The process of Winemaking

Red wines

Categorie vini
After having been delicately pressed, the berries are place in a steel tank where the process of fermentation begins with addition of selected native yeasts. This phase lasts approximately 10 days at a temperature of 25°. The next phase is maceration which can last up to 50 days depending on grape ripening based on the seasonal trend. Once maceration ends, racking begins and this involves separation of the wine flower from the pomace. The refinement phase can be carried out in barrels or barrique which, depending on the wine.

Classic method

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Harvesting for a sparkling wine base is carried out when the grape bunch is not yet fully ripened. This makes it possible to achieve a potentially lower alcohol contents and good acidity. The must obtained with soft pressing of the grapes undergoes white vinification. The draft is carried out at the end of February and the beginning of March and involves the addition of yeast and sugar which produces the second fermentation. Ripening lasts 60 months on the yeasts. Following this ripening time, remuoage or stirring is carried and this makes it possible to transfer the yeast in the bottle into the “bidule” or contraption. The latter is poured with the yeasts (degorgement). At this point the bottle is filled again with liquer d’expedition or mistelle and then the cork is placed back on the bottle.

White or rosé wines

Categorie vini
Cold maceration takes place in the press for 3-4 hours. The must obtained is pumped into the tank and is followed by a settling phase which allows separation of the lees of the must prior to fermentation. Clarification of the wine is achieved with static cold. Selected native yeasts are added to must in order to begin fermentation which lasts approximately 20 days at a stable temperature between 16° and 18°. The noble lees are kept in suspension in the wine once a day for approximately 60 days. Lastly the wine is clarified. Filtered and bottled.

Beyond wine: organic distilled wine and Vin Santo

Tuscany has a long standing tradition of distilled and sweet vines, such as the typical Vin Santo and Borro sets aside a part of its grapes for these products. The Vin Santo “Partridge Eye Grapes” are entirely Sangiovese. They are gathered in cassettes and attached to wires to wither for approximately 60-70 days. Once the desired sugar content has been reached the grape is pressed and the deriving must is placed in chestnut or oak kegs for 5 years. After this period of time the wine is poured, clarified and bottled. Pomace set aside for distillation is passed on to the Bonollo distillery who under our direct and careful supervision produces our Grappa.
Discover our Distilled wine and Vin Santo Beyond wine: organic distilled wine and Vin Santo
The Shop and Wine Club

The Shop and Wine Club

Discover the renown Borro labels that are born of the intense passion for the territory, its traditions, respect for nature’s cycles and innovation. And discover the privileges linked to the Wine Club which are guaranteed to offer the most passionate wine lovers a unique experience.
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