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The name Borro, which probably meant a chasm or gorge in Tuscan dialect, was originally that of a fortress built to defend a strategic area crossed by stretches of the Clodia and Cassia, two important Roman roads.


It was for this very reason that control of Il Borro was for so long the object of bitter disputes between local factions and noble families and other kingdoms. The first written record of the Castle dates back to 1254, when a Milanese nobleman, Marquis Borro Borri, who had become podestà or mayor of Arezzo, purchased the property from the Mascagni family.


It was in the 16th century, under the patronage of condottiere and political figure, Alessandro del Borro, the true “father” of Il Borro, that the first transformations and extensions to the stronghold began to shape the spectacular estate we know today.


The estate’s event-filled noble history began with him, and would go on to include some of Europe’s noblest families – the Medici Tornaquinici of Florence, the Torriani of Milan, the princes of Hohenlohe Waldenburg, and finally, from 1904, the Savoy dynasty.


In the mid-Fifties, Il Borro passed to Duke Amedeo of Savoy-Aosta, and in 1993 the Duke sold the entire property to Ferruccio Ferragamo. “An enduring act of faith”, as Ferruccio Ferragamo, who fell madly in love with the Il Borro estate in 1985, likes to say. For many years the Ferragamo family had rented the Tuscan estate until they made the decision to buy it. As soon as he had purchased the property, Ferruccio Ferragamo, aided by his son Salvatore (presently CEO of Il Borro) began extensive restoration and refurbishment of this ancient place, which still bore the scars of the Second World War. At the heart of the entire restoration project was a desire to bring the estate back to life, preserving its traditions and history while at the same time making those improvements that make this place a perfect continuum between past, present and future.

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