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“Uniting Business Europe”

Uniting Business Europe

Uniting Business Europe

Il Borro participates in the United Nations international conference “Uniting Business Europe”

Il Borro, October 2023

Il Borro participates in the United Nations international conference “Uniting Business Europe” confirming its commitment to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda.

Il Borro, an organic farm and winery owned by Ferruccio Ferragamo since 1993, will take part in the international conference “Uniting Business Europe. Halfway to 2030: Stock-taking SDG Progress”, organised by the United Nations Global Compact and the UN Global Compact Network Georgia, in collaboration with the European Local Networks.

The meeting, which will be held in Tbilisi, Georgia, on 9 October 2023, is an opportunity to analyse the private sector’s contribution to promoting the Sustainable Development Goals in Europe and the trends, tools and partnerships needed to make the 2030 Agenda a reality.

Well representing Il Borro will be Vittoria Ferragamo, Head of Sustainability, who together with her father Ferruccio and brother Salvatore Ferragamo, is guiding the company’s strategies and actions towards a more responsible future, making Il Borro a virtuous model, where tradition and innovation coexist in an organic farm and wine-growing estate, dedicated to luxury hospitalitỳ and farm-to-table catering. Sustainability is in fact a pivotal concept that has always inspired the Estate’s philosophy, embracing all its souls: from the wine-growing activity to the organic vegetable garden and livestock farming, from the production of extra virgin olive oil to cheese production and honey, from flours to organic eggs, up to the extensive use of renewable energy sources and the use of photovoltaic panels, as well as systems for the reuse of water resources.

“I am convinced that the achievement of the SDGs is possible and necessary to ensure a better future, but it can only happen through a shared approach and cooperation between all stakeholders: for this reason, I am honoured to be able to actively participate in Uniting Business Europe. The conference is an opportunity to learn about innovative models that can serve as an example for us to improve more and more internally and at the same time to share our experience at Il Borro. It is a source of pride for the company to be in turn an inspiration and stimulus for other players in the sector with the aim of ensuring increasingly sustainable development.” says Vittoria Ferragamo.

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